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Romel Rivera, CEO

Mr. Romel Rivera is the designer of CardProfit and the main contributor to its profitability and benchmarking tech­nologies. Mr. Rivera was also the de­signer and architect of the eKnowlogie refactoring environment for the auto­matic transforma­tion of web applica­tions from proprietary web languages to open standard archi­tectures such as Java and J2EE. This environment now includes an automatic application Migrator from monolithic ColdFusion to the Java J2EE Model-View-Controller architecture with Struts and JSP, where the presentation layer is se­parated automatically from the busi­ness and the controller layers. Mr. Romel Rivera's other interests include the design and development of high-perfor­mance web architectures in Java.

As the former CEO of Xinotech Research, Mr. Rivera brings vast experience in the development of strategic relationships in the U.S. and Europe, establishing Xinotech subsidiaries in Paris and Helsinki. He was the sole designer of the most successful software refactoring and automatic software transformation environment brought to the market. This environment became the prevalent technology for automatic remediation of the Year 2000 in Europe and was used by the largest European organizations, such as the AXA Group (the largest insurance company in the world, which remediated over 25 million lines of source code with Xinotech), France Telecom, and Tieto, the largest consulting company in northern Europe.

With this Xinotech technology framework, Mr. Rivera also produced for the U.S. Air Force the only successful and commercially viable technology for the automatic transformation and modernization of the embedded real-time Jovial software systems used in the USAF F-16, the USAF F-117 Nighthawk stealth fighter, and other aircraft. Such transformation environment was selected, acquired in the Spring of 2001, and adopted nationally by the Air Force as the standard for the automatic modernization of its embedded Jovial avionics systems. See the Air Force & Lockheed Martin Paper in the Journal of Defense Software Engineering for a description of the technical capabilities, results, test flights with the USAF F-117 Nighthawk, cost-effectiveness, and other benefits of the graphical visualization and Jovial to C abstraction and transformation technology they acquired from Xinotech under the EISR project.

Mr. Rivera has also received over 20 research contracts from U.S. national organizations such as DARPA (the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), NSF (the National Science Foundation), the Edwards Air Force Base, the U.S. Army, the Air Force Research Laboratories, NRaD (the Navy Research and Development Center), the Office of Naval Research, NSWC (the Naval Surface Center), AJPO (the Ada Joint Program Office) and others, in the areas of knowledge-based language-independent automatic software transformation, automatic object prospecting, abstraction and transformation, software evolution by automatic component unification, etc.

The Xinotech language-independent refactoring environment was designed as a customizable architecture consisting of four metalanguage layers: XinoML for abstract grammar and concrete syntax definition, XSSL for incremental attribute-grammar semantic evaluation, XPAL for domain-specific constraint-based software plan abstraction and transformation, and Typel for object prospecting, abstraction and transformation. Object prospecting and transformation in procedural language frameworks was the mechanism employed to distinguish, isolate and transform date manipulation for Year 2000 remediation. The eKnowlogie software technologies represent the next generation in the evolutionary design of software refactoring environments.

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