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Model-View Controller Architecture. Under 2.0, the Migrator will re-architect the original monolithic ColdFusion application into a modular Model-View-Controller (MVC) application framework using Struts, J2EE and JSP. This re-architecturization separates the application logic from the presentation logic. The application logic is translated to back-end Java and Struts and modularized into reusable components, while the presentation logic is translated to JSP. The Model and Controller layers are modularized into Java reusable components; ColdFusion custom tags are separated into JSP tags for the Presentation layer and/or server-side Java reusable components for the Model-Controller layers, while include files are similarly separated into JSP includes for the Presentation layer and/or Java methods for the Model-Controller layers. The JSP Presentation layer is greatly reduced and confined to stateless presentation and user-interaction responsibilities. For the Controller layer of Struts, the Struts XML configuration file, plus all form and action Java classes are all generated automatically, thus producing a J2EE application ready for deployment.

XML-Based Project Configuration. XML is used to configure the translation project by specifying sets of input and output file paths. Multiple wildcarded file paths may be specified in order to represent possibly separate file paths which make up the sources of the project.

Black-Box Compilation Approach. This ColdFusion migration process is simple, comparable to a compilation process. Once all the input and output sources have been specified in the XML project configuration file, the Migrator can be invoked. The ColdFusion Migrator will import all the ColdFusion sources, then perform local semantic analysis, global enterprise-wide semantic analysis across all the source files, translate the original sources and generate the resulting JSP source files. All this is done in a black-box approach and without user intervention.

HTML and Java Formatting. The ColdFusion Migrator includes formatters for HTML and Java, which apply formatting principles (spacing, indentation and line breaking) to the translated or refactored sources. Optional hierarchical line-breaking is also performed as necessary in order to avoid line-width overflow. These formatters are applied to the resulting JSP sources in order to further enhance the readability of the resulting source code. The ColdFusion Migrator also generates a formatted version of the input ColdFusion source files.

Source to Source. All the ColdFusion Migrator's results are produced in textual source form, this includes source .jsp files, as well as source Java libraries for the converted application. In addition, eKnowlogie provides the Java package com.eknowlogie.jsp is source form. This package is used by the resulting JSP program throughout the application. This way, customers are free to later upgrade and maintain any aspect of the converted application or its supporting Java packages.

Migrator Speed. The ColdFusion Migrator processes and converts large ColdFusion applicactions at the speed of approximately 55,000 / min (fifty five thousand lines per minute) on a typical Windows machine with a 1.4 Pentium processor.

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