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Benefits to Management

Provides Reliance on Industry-Wide Standards. The ColdFusion Migrator enables the migration or refactoring from a proprietary, single-vendor, first-generation web-development environment, such as ColdFusion, to an industry-standard Java-based environment which can be optionally deployed by relying exclusively on open-source tools. It grants an organization the freedom to choose the best platforms and best performing servers among the widest possible choices in the market.

Adds Longevity to Software Development Investment. This ColdFusion migration or refactoring to JSP will protect a company's web-based software development investment by removing dependencies on sole-proprietorship technologies, providing a migration path away from ColdFusion while the application is still manageable for such migration, and thus assuring the company's software investment of a long-term future with well-established, non-proprietary industry-standard technologies.

The Road to Scalability: Fast Response, High Performance. This ColdFusion migration or refactoring to JSP will make possible the successful deployment of high traffic, web-based software systems. The Migrator removes the inherent interpretive nature of ColdFusion which is the significant source of server performance bottlenecks, while keeping the readability and simplicity of the original application.

Reduction of Development and Maintenance Costs. ColdFusion was designed for ease of use and quick prototyping of small-scale applications. By contrast, the converted JSP system will facilitate large-scale development and reduce maintenance costs.

Increases Availability of Resources. This ColdFusion migration to JSP allows management full access to the resources of the standards-based Java industry, in terms of human resources, interoperability and supporting tools. The company will then be able to choose among the best open-source and/or commercial servers and platforms in the market.

Advantages of Automatic Migration with eKnowlogie. It is accomplished at a fraction of the cost and the time of manual conversion, it is safer because of consistency enforcement through automation, and it produces a very readable, maintainable and scalable high-level JSP application which consistently makes use of high-level reusable Java components and which eKnowlogie provides in source code form.

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